This timer makes use of a rolling ball to depend the seconds

This timer makes use of a rolling ball to depend the seconds

Arduino CrewJuly twelfth, 2023

Earlier than we had fancy digital clocks — and even spring-driven mechanical clocks — most strategies for measuring quick durations of time relied on gravity transferring one thing in a constant, repeatable manner. Each water clocks and hour glasses work underneath that precept. However it isn’t very enjoyable to look at grains of sand fall, which is why Brett Oliver constructed a kitchen timer that makes use of a rolling ball to depend the seconds.

This challenge began with a rolling ball escapement designed by JBV Inventive. That mechanism merely flips forwards and backwards as a ball bearing rolls from one facet of the monitor to the opposite. Perpetual movement is not possible, in fact, so this mechanism depends on a weight to show the gear system that pivots the monitor. The ball is simply there for timing: when it reaches the tip of the monitor, it pushes a lever that releases the mechanism and lets the burden drop a little bit. It will work till the burden reaches the bottom or runs out of wire.

Oliver turned that mechanism right into a kitchen timer by changing the burden with a stepper motor managed by an Arduino Nano board. As a result of the motor in the end drives the mechanism, it may well proceed working so long as it has energy. An LCD show reveals the remaining time and the person can set that with a number of buttons. An MP3 module performs a user-configured sound impact when it reaches zero. The pace of the stepper motor determines the time it takes the ball to traverse the monitor and the default is 5 seconds, so the timer increments by 5 seconds with every go.

This will not be extra sensible than a normal kitchen timer, however it’s rather more fascinating to look at.

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